MB4 Support?

I just bought this mp3 player for my nephew. I wanted to test the audio books. So I went to http://wiki.librivox.org/index.php/M4B_Catalog_Dutch and downloaded an “MB4” file.

I could not find it in the interface

Is it supported?

Have not heard of that format before.  I don’t believe supported by the Clips?

MB4 is associated with Model Builder, a program used by model train aficionados. It’s not an audio filetype. This likely isn’t what you meant.

M4B is an M4A file with bookmark support. M4A is not supported, so M4B isn’t either. That’s my logical  conclusion, anyway.

You would have to download the file to your computer and then convert it to a format your player can read like .mp3, then copy the converted file(s) over to the player.

That is too bad, but good to know, thanks.

I read “An M4B file is an audio file which can be bookmarked. This is the audio-book file type.” on http://wiki.librivox.org/index.php/How_To_Make_M4B_Files and “supports audio-book” on the sandisk zip site. Therefore I constructed:

M4B  === audio book file type

ZIP→ audio-book

And thus ZIP → M4B

But apparently “supports audio-book” does not mean M4B and therefore the declaration M4B === audio book file type on the wiki is wrong and should be “This is AN audio book file type” , which explains it. ( M4B ∈ audiobook )

Another explanation could be that M4B === audio book file type and the other types are general filetypes to store audio which can include spoken books but also other audio and are therefore not THE audio book file type as defined. In that case the Sandisk description of “supports audio books” is slightly misleading.

@edelwater wrote:

That is too bad . . .


In that case the Sandisk description of “supports audio books” is slightly misleading.


I don’t know why. The LibriVox site says:

Don’t have an iPhone or an iPod?
Listen to M4B files on your PC with free software like iTunes or VLC media player. Or, rename the downloaded file from .m4b to .m4a (i.e. DROID X will play m4a, but not m4b).

It says nothing about Sansa mp3 player supporting this format. Besides, if there’s a book (or books) that you really want, it’s easy enough to download them and convert them to .mp3 so you can listen to them on your Zip.

Since M4B files should be backwards compatible with M4A, I suspect they’ll work just fine on the Clip Zip if you rename them to .m4a.