Fuze+ firmware suggestion for audiobooks


I have been waiting some time to get away from a certain proprietary platform. Sadly, I have many audiobooks in m4b format. I finally figured out how to get mp3 audiobooks to work properly (get them in the Audible directory). Sadly, I found out by live chat today that only mp3 and WMA are supported for audiobooks. I request that developers add the ability to have m4b files in the Audible directory also be available for audiobook reading. I am a programmer myself and recently wrote a program that does similar things, but in the Linux OS so I know this is not a terrible difficult request to implement.

I don’t want to convert the m4bs into mp3s as both are lossy formats and each conversion decreases quality. Since these are audiobooks already recorded at lower bit rates (less quality) continuing to convert them decreases this quality further.

The main purpose for me and my daughter for audioplayers is audiobooks, so this is very important to us.

Hence, I humbly request the addition of this functionality to the next firmware update, please.

Kind Regards,


Hello Narnie and fellow Linux user.

I too have a collection of .m4b files (mine from jw.org)  I have been unable to get m4b files to work on the Fuze+ directly.

However, I was able to strip out the AAC audio stream from the m4b using ffmpeg using the -acodec copy switch

Fuze is happy with .aac extension but not .m4b.  So I lose the chapter marks and png artwork, but it is still aac.  And the conversion is quick as there is no resampling.

Maybe that would work for your situation.