Making folders?

A friend of mine just bought a refurbished Clip with the V2 software on it. We plugged it into a Mac.  The Clip shows up, the folders show up and I created a new folder and loaded in a couple of MP3 files. However, the new folder and files do not show up on the Clip once I disconnect it from the computer. What is going on?

Is it not possible to create new folders other than the ones already installed at the factory?


I typically add folders under the Music, Audiobook, or Podcast folders.  Did you add a folder under one of these, or at the same level?  .

Also, the *folder* won’t show up in the menu.  The newer Clip+ offers folder support, but not the original Clip.  The Clip is driven by ID3 tags on the MP3 files, so you’ll have to look for the music you added under the Music menu item (Artists, Album, etc).  If no ID3 tags are present, the music will be displayed under “Unknown Artist”, etc.

I hope that helps some. Especially since it’s a refurb, I’d make sure the firmware is up-to-date.  I’d also recommend formatting it from the Clip’s system menu before investing too much time into it - however, that said, I’ve been happy with my refurb’d Clip for about a year now. 

The only thing I can add is that when using a Mac, the Clip has to be in MSC mode. MTP or Auto Defect won’t work.

Thanks, I was trying to add a folder for some lecture files, but I guess they will have to go into one of the existing folders.

No, they don’t.  In fact, creating your own folders is the best means for keeping your media organized.

But the Clip will not use your folders and hierarchy for display and navigation purposes (apart from in the Audiobooks and Podcasts folders)–rather, it uses the files’ ID3 tags exclusively.

That’s what I suspected. I tried with mine and couldn’t do it either, so I figured the new software won’t let me create folder either. Too bad. How do you keep track of stuff when you have hundreds of songs on it?

Sorry, I don’t follow.  You can put your music into folders using your own organization and then put those folders on your Clip.