so, i just purchased a 4gb clip, very excited about it.  will the software run on my mac osx?  box only refers to windows, so don’t even want to open if it isn’t mac compatible.


It definitely will, under the USB MSC mode.  Check out the FAQ at the top of the forum for Mac-specific information, plus there are many threads here for Mac users (use the search box above).

A great choice-welcome!

MSC works with most (if not all) operating systems

No, none of official software will run on an Apple Mac and there are no music players available that will interface directly with the Clip. Nor is there any software that will allow you to create playlists – and trying to copy music via Finder will have variable results.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are perfectly adequate workarounds. To create playlists I change the album information in my MP3’s (using iTunes). To copy music I use rsync from the Terminal shell. After some experimentation I found that the vcW paramaters work best. In other words, if you go to the folder containing your music and you haven’t changed the name of your player, use this command:

 rsync -vcW *.* /volumes/“sansa clip”/music

Also, if you use iTunes remember that some formats (like Apple Lossless) won’t play on your Clip. You’ll have to create new versions of the songs you want to transfer, but iTunes makes that pretty easy.