Play Lists on a Mac


I’m new around here and if this has been asked before, I apologize, but couldn’t find it.

I just got a Sansa Clip 2GB player and love it.  But I don’t know how to create play lists on a mac.  Can anyone help?  Also, can you coordinate it to work with iTunes?  I found how to do it, but when I try, it converts my player to a 1GB player.

Someone?  Anyone?  Bueller?



Does this FAQ from above help?

You also may want to do a search using the search box above.

to create a playlist on the clip, the requirements are windows media player 10 or 11 (because of MTP) windows XP SP2.

however, there is an existing program called XNJB for you to use MTP on a mac.  i haven’t used it personally but i read you can also create playlist using that proggy.