m3u - 'File format not supported.'

Have tried creating an m3u playlist. But the Sansa Jam says this ‘File format not supported.’

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

What software are you using to create your m3u playlist?

Only MUSIC mode will access playlists. FOLDER mode will display the error message. 

I’m using VLC because WIndows Media Player does not work. When I open Media Player it does not show files in folders. It shows all the tracks from all the folders jumbled up in an unassorted heap. This is precisely what I am trying to get away from. 

I have placed the m3u file in the Music folder. I access it via Music mode. The Clip Jam tells me it is ‘empty.’

Could I use for instance the software mp3tag to create a simple functionality of playing all the folders sequentially in a subdirectory?

I have experienced better results using MP3tag than VLC software to create playlists on my Clip Sport.

After you install MP3tag software, then you can right-click on a folder and have the files in that folder and all the sub-folders appear in the playlist designer window. Then you can sort the files in the order you wish to play the files in your CJ. Then you can save the m3u file in the 1st folder (under Music) and the playlist will access all the files in the included sub-folders.

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