M250 wont update

I downloaded the firmware update, but when I plug in my M250 in autodetect mode.  The updater says it has to be in MSC mode and to unplug it, change it and plug it back in.  I do this, but the updater never restarts.  My OS is Windows Vista, not sure if this could be part of the problem.   I’m trying to make sure I’m current because I can’t delete some songs off of my M250.  WMP says the files aren’t there but they are.  Any help would be great.

no one has given you an answer so you may want to
study this info and write   support@sandisk.com

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whats the firmware version you have on it now? Check by going to system>info on the player.

can you format it to start over? if it tells you can not complete format, your gonna have to write support anyway. I dont know of any way you can fix that.