M250 Froze up while Playing

Well, now I’ve had a problem :robotwink:
My m250 froze up while playing a song.
I was using it plugged into my car stereo.
I had it playing OK for an hour drive. On the
drive back I had it playing for about a
half hour when all of a sudden the sound
went dead! When I pulled over to check
it out I found it stuck on the song. It would
not play or shut off. Everything was frozen.
I took out the battery and then put it back.
I powered up and now it’s working.

Any idea what caused this? And can I
expect this to happend again? Is there
a fix for this?:robottongue:

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Message Edited by Paul on 10-25-2007 09:22 PM

Sandisk Support simply told me to reformat my player and let them
know if it keeps happening. They said I may have had a corrupted
file. I reformatted.

I was just wondering if anyone here had any insight?

If it keeps happening on the same song then there may be a problem with that file.  Otherwise it sounds like the player just locked up.  Most likely just a random thing.  I wouldn’t worry about it unless it happens over and over.