M240 Won't keep it's place anymore

I have had my m240 for almost two years and have had great performance.  I use it primarily for audiobooks and some music.  Recently, it has not been keeping its place when I shut it down in the middle of a section.  When I turn it back on, it doesn’t resume at the spot where I turned it off, it jumps to the beginning of the next section.  I am shutting it down in the same way I always have and it never used to have this problem.   I have read on some posts that people are able to fast forward within a section, but I can’t seem to do that, so I don’t know if that function applies to the m240. 
This problem doesn’t bug me when listening to music, but it’s extremely frustrating when I either have to miss large sections of audiobooks or re-listen to large sections.  Is this just a life-span issue and it’s time to get a new player?  Is there an internal battery that can be replaced?

Have you tried resetting the player back to default settings?
Have you updated your firmware? You can also reformat
the player if you don’t mind erasing the contents.

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