m240 newbie

I just bought 2 sansa m240 units; one for me and the other for my wife.   I am brand spankin’ new to the mp3 world and wondering where to turn for some set-up help for these units.  Looking through the ‘guide’ included with the m240, I see very little help.  surprised woman  I am somewhat computer savvy, but ignorant when it comes to these players.  We have many CD’s which I would LOVE to transfer and we are interested in buying music online.  I pretty much need assistance from the word go.  Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.  I see the packaging includes a 30 day free trial for Rhapsody.  What are the recommendations for that service?  Thanks in advance!!! very-happy smiley

i recommend staying away from music purchased online that deals with DRMS. Thats just my opinion, but more oten then not… they end up causing sync issues and not working in the long run.

Never had that problem with my own personal music. Check out the videos for tutorials on things to learn.