m230 pauses and starts track at beginning, when fast forwarding

If I hold down the fast forward button, my m230 will pause then start at the beginning of the track, which is rather frustrating.  This occurs at random times - for example, it may happen around 2 minutes into the track, or even 20 minutes.  For troubleshooting purposes, I tried starting from the end of the track and rewinding, and I didn’t experience this problem (it rewound for over an hour with no problems).


  1. My m230 is a refurbished unit.

  2. The only track I tried so far (and saw this problem with) is 47 MB in file size, and 1 hour and 39 minutes in length.

  3. My m230 is running 2.2.5A firmware.

I’m curious if other uses are seeing this problem.

could nto find any solution on the forums here.  Maybe cuz its refurb?