m250 rev 2 Fast Forward Isn't

I have another m250 that pressing and holding fast forward causes fast forward to move faster and faster through the file. An hour podcast can be fast forwarded through in a few minutes.

The m250 in question has a constant, very slow, fast forward speed. Pressing and holding fast forward can take fifteen minutes through a one hour podcast. If my thumb wiggles or doesn’t press hard enough for the full fifteen minutes, the m250 seems think I tapped the next song button (same as the FF button) and skips to the next song/podcast.

Any fix other than screaming. cursing and throwing this thing against the wall ? This really stinks. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with my version 2.x m250. It evidently does not support accelerated FF/REW. My first m250 was a version 4.x, and it had serious problems and I did an RMA on it. However, before doing so I noticed that accelerated FF/REW was a supported feature. So, when I found that the replacement version 2.x unit didn’t support accelerated FF/REW I was extremely disappointed. After all, I usually listen to 3 hour long files. I bought another m250 hoping it would be version 4.x, and it was. Bought another, and it too is 4.x.

At Rockbox support I read that version 2.x has a different chip, so the firmwares are specific to those models. I don’t expect that they will be releasing firmware revisions so you are probably stuck with the blah FF on your 2.x. However, I hear that you can get m250s pretty cheap right now ("$15"!), and your odds of getting a 4.x seem good.

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These m200 units are generally good units with the prominent failing being one of support and documentation and packaging regarding exactly which revision is being sold by a particular vendor at a given time. Thanks for the confirmation that this is a hardware/firmware version issue. You are right to suggest purchasing several units until the right version is snared. The TCO of these units, since they have a self replaceable AAA rechargeable battery is arguably the lowest found. I have an m240 that was purchased over 4 years ago and still works (it never had a super FF AFAIK). All I have fixed is a small piece of duct tape that replaces the battery door hinge. I have never purchased a non-Sansa mp3 player. Quality deserves loyalty.