m230 vs. m250 fast forward behavior

I recently bought an m250 (2GB) because I was so very pleased with my m230 (512MB, 18 months old before it died). One thing I really miss in the m250 that the m230 had is the ability to hear the audio (speeded up) during fast forward and fast reverse. I record streaming radio stations for playback during my commute. Being able to hear the audio during fast forward makes it easy to skip over commercials. The m250 is silent during fast forward. Am I just out of luck?

I also bought an m250 based on my m240 performance…what happens when I fast forward is this:

Fast forward about 1/2 thru the part (I listen to audiobooks), possibly a chapter…and suddenly I have skipped to the next part. I have updated firmware, not sure if this is a defect or what, but it isn’t working for me. I am sure I can exchange it but would like to know if this is the norm, as I will return it if it is.

I also agree with Craig78681 that I do not hear the data in rewind or fast forward.

Hope someone will respond to our queries. Thanks, Linda