Lost encrypted files

Greetings, I accidentally deleted a file (I think a hidden one) on the unsecured part of my flashdrive. Because it was deleted I lost all my files in the vault. I tried running a recovery software, but it did not find the files, (which are Microsoft Word files). When I open the vault I see a bunch of files and folders. One The folders are empty and others have what looks like some type of program files. When I click on the …exe file which I would to enter the secure area it asks me to enter a new password as if I was first started to use the flashdrive. Any ideas? Thanks

How did you delete a hidden file? What app were you using?

Have you checked your Recycle Bin?

Try a different recovery app, there are several free ones that work.

http://download.cnet.com/Restoration/3000-2094_4-10322950.html and http://www.scanwith.com/download/Undelete_Plus.htm and


I’m not sure what happened to the files. I had the option to “show hidden files” and while clearing documents I didn’t need anymore i must have deleted a file required to maintain encrypted files in the “vault”. I think the file i deleted was required to decifer the encrypted files in the vault because i know i didn’t delete anything from the vault. Thank you for your help.

type files located in folders located in vault