Losing Song Ratings on Fuse SD Micro card

Whenever the media is refreshed I lose all the ratings on the 16gb SD Micro card. None of the ratings on the 8gb Fuse internal memory is affected. I see from previous messages that firmware release V01.02.28 was supposed to resolve this. I am currently running V01.02.31F. Can anyone help me?

I agree with sageman123.  I’ve read about firmware updates from years ago and that using MTP mode is supposed to make it work.  I’m using firmware V02.02.26A and am in MTP mode.  Still my ratings on external card are lost when I sync.

Why isn’t this being addressed and fixed? 

Thanks, Tom 

1.x and 2.x are the same firmware for different hardware. If it was fixed in the x.x.28 version, then 2.0.26 doesn’t have the fix.