Rating Songs on microSDHC

Hi Everybody,

I have a Sansa Fuze 8GB with an 4GB micro SDHC Card. Every song is rated with 3, 4 or 5 Stars (with Media Jukebox 15). But if the song is saved on the micro SDHC Card, the rating ist not shown.

However the same song is saved on the player, the rating will be shown.

Can anybody help :smiley:

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Have you updated to the latest firmware? Seems to me this was one of the ‘bugs’ that was fixed somoe time ago.

Tip: don’t use the Sansa Updater, just follow the manual install directions.

@ Tapeworm

I have the latest Firmware V01.02.31.

Now I have seen, the problem still exist :angry:

Thread: Sansa Fuze Firmware Update 01.02.31 & 02.03.33

Known Issues:

  • PlayPrevious and Rating info is lost following slotRadio card insertion

Any chance to solve this bug?

Are you inserting a SlotRadio card? I think yours is a different issue, supposedly fixed in the .28 firmware release.

Song ratings on the Fuze seem to be quite fickle. I tried using them a while ago, using the player to enter them, and I they seemed to have vanished after connecting the Fuze to my pc. I don’t remember which firmware I was using then, and haven’t tried using them again.

@ Tapeworm

what could I do? Downgrade to firmware 01.02.28 or install the actual firmware again 01.02.31?

@ All

what about Rockbox? Coult it solve this problem?


Abron wrote:

@ Tapeworm


what could I do? Downgrade to firmware 01.02.28 or install the actual firmware again 01.02.31?



I would try re-installing (manually) the .31 release and see if that helps. If not, go back to the .28 (you should be able to find a link to it here on the forum by typing in the f/w version number into the Search box (upper left).

It’s possible I suppose that something in the .31 version broke whatever it was that was fixed in the .28 version. Things sometimes happen that way. If you fiind that to be the case, post back and let us know; that would be something that the development team would want (and should) to know about so they can put it on their ‘to-do’ list.

As far as Rockbox, I’m not sure it even supports the ratings system. You could check at www.rockbox.org.

@ Tapeworm

thx for your answer. I tried both version and other “tricks” (format SDHC Card, MSC/MTP modus etcpp) today, but nothing solve the problem :frowning:

My Data:

Sansa Fuze 8 GB

Firmware  01.02.31

Panasonic micro SDHC class 4


If you need more information or a “test-person/-device” don´t hesitate to contact me :wink:

Any news to solve this bug?!:cry: