Song ratings disappear

I’m using a 4GB v2 Fuze with a 16GB microSD card. All of the music is stored on the card (7.5GB).

About a week ago I spend a couple days listening to and rating all the songs in one folder, about 350. Everything was fine, the ratings were staying in place and I could skip the songs I’d already done. Then I plugged in the Fuze to charge it. After unplugging it (I dont believe it did a refresh at this point) I went back into the folder to finish rating songs and found that all of the previous ratings had been cleared.

This time I rated about 50 songs and popped out the card to move some stuff around. After putting the card back in and allowing it to refresh all of the song ratings were gone again.

This time I downloaded MediaMonkey and planned to use it to clean up the tags and be sure that there were ratings saved with the songs. After loading the songs on the card into the library I found that nearly all of the songs had ratings saved with them (I had previously used MM to tag and rate songs). I used MM to clear all of the v1 tags and put the card back in the Fuze. The Fuze does not recognize any of the song ratings.

This was all done in MSC mode so I cleared the card and switched to MTP. I synchronized the Fuze and had to let it make a couple attempts at refreshing the library. Still no song ratings.

So MediaMonkey recognizes that the ratings are there but the Fuze doesn’t. I have updated to the latest firmware and I am not using a SlotRadio card.

Is there anything more that I can do?