long freezes working with Sandisk Cruzer Extreme


I seem to have a problem with the usb-stick that I bought some months ago. I wanted to replace my old usb stick because it seemed to have become unreliable and so I bought this Sandisk Cruzer Extreme 16 GB. This is a usb 3.0 stick and it is very fast.

However since some weeks now I have been troubled by a phenomenon that repeats itself: On the stick is a portable version of Thunderbird and I use it daily. Frequently while I am looking into my postings Thunderbird seems to be frozen, but not in any usual way,Thunderbird’s window is covered by a semi-transparant white-isch layer. Clicking on any spot in the window gives no result, only the mouse cursor changes into such a little moving round thing that means ’ I am busy, wait please’.

I still can play a little game of Patience, for exemple, but cannot continue in Thunderbird and have to wait until ‘something’ decides for me that I am allowed to proceed. I feel like a hostage of my computer.

Today I saw the same phenomenon with a program (FreeFilesync) I used to synchronize between a harddisk and the stick. It lasts sometimes half an hour before I am allowed to continue!

Nowhere I can find the cause of this, not even in the Windows’ logfiles (for as far as I understand what they mean). It is about a computer and a stick that are being scanned very frequently for malware and the integrity of the stick a just controled and it was all right: no errors.

Who can help me?


Data of config:

  • OS: Windows 7 OEM 64 bit

  • cpu: Intel core i5-3570K

  • memory: 8 GB ddr3

  • mobo: Asus P8Z77-V LE Plus

  • usb version supported: v.3.0

  • system drive is a Samsung ssd 840 series with plenty of space.

:smiley:   ¡Hola!

Empezando con los pasos más sencillos, yo haría lo siguiente:

(Supongo que ya escaneaste la PC con un antivirus actualizado).
(Supongo que ya probaste la UFD (pendrive) en otra PC, para delimitar el problema).
(Supongo que tienes un ‘Backup de los Datos’ que hay en tu UFD).

1- Pasarle el “CCleaner” (free, Piriform) a la PC, en archivos y registro.
2- Revisar en el “Administrador de Tareas” que procesos están ‘corriendo’, y terminar con los prescindibles, para ver si hay algún conflicto entre programas.

3- Si el problema sigue, ver en “Administrador de dispositivos” y revisar como está el"Driver USB 3.0".
4- Si no se solucionó, ver con “AIDA64” o con “Speccy” (free, Piriform), que fecha tiene el “Driver USB 3.0” de tu PC y de que empresa es. Lo actualizas ‘manualmente’, sin programas intermediarios.

Bueh…Esto sería la primera etapa, y si no hay una falla interna en la UDF, creo que ya va a estar todo bien. Luego nos cuentas como quedó todo. 

Saludos, Alfred.   (Traduce Google).

:smiley:   Hello!

Beginning with the simplest steps, I would:
( I guess since you scanned the PC with an updated antivirus).
(I assume you’ve tried the UFD (USB flash drive ) on another PC, to define the problem).
(I assume you have a ‘Backup Data’ is in your UFD).

1 - Convey the “CCleaner” (free, Piriform) to the PC, and log and register files .
2 - Check the “Task Manager” processes that are ‘running’, dispensable and end to see if there are any conflicts between programs.

3 - If the problem persists, see “Device Manager” and check how is the “USB 3.0 Driver”.
4 - If not resolved, see to “AIDA64” or “Speccy” (free, Piriform) that has the date “USB 3.0 Driver” from your PC, and that company is. The upgrade ‘manually’, without intermediaries programs .

Well … This would be the first step, and if there is an internal fault in the UDF, and I think it will be okay. Then you tell us as was everything.

Regards, Alfred.   ( Google Translate ).