Long chat w/Sandisk-Extreme SD 80mb vs. Extreme Plus

I just purchased this Extreme 45mb card  from Best Buy for $19.99 on cyber Monday.



But what I received was this card below left in the factory sealed package like all cards:  SDSDXS-016G-A46   80mb on both

…What I received…vs…Here is the new packaging

   I chatted with an excellent Sandisk tech person (Kudos Jacob K.) and he said mine on left is simply the old labeling.  The Sandisk web site does not show this “Extreme” 80mb card.

The card I received for $19.99 is actually an EXTREME PLUS card with EXTREME labeling and pricing.    Correct??

1.  Can someone clear up this labeling confusion any more?  When/where did this Extreme 80mb labeling exist?  Is this card really old?   The back shows 2013 copyright.     Extreme 80mb vs. current Extreme Plus 80mb is confusing?

2.  My new camera is a Canon S110 which “might” run fine with just the Ultra 30mb.  Is this 80mb card any problem for the S110 or my old computer that is probably 2.0 not 3.0 USB.

3.  Regarding card speeds:   Can this faster card, i.e 80mb vs. 30 or 45mb, be a worse choice for any reason?   Reliability, data accuracy, lifespan, etc…    I ask because sometimes bigger is not better.  I remember studying writeable DVD’s years ago and sometimes the slower versions actually performed better than the newer/faster versions.  

Thank you very much for clearing up my 3 questions.    My last OLD camera was a compact flash card, so I am catching up a LOT regarding my ancient tech. savvy.

O.K.   Nothing to answer here.  My apologies. 

After a bit of research there was indeed a label change at some point.  The Extreme 80mb = the Extreme Plus 80mb. 

It is a bit confusing, but doesn’t matter.  And, from reading all the Amazon reviews, it seems this card is of excellent quality.  People get various speed results in real life depending on what equipment they are using it in.

The Best Buy pricing is a bit interesting though.  Get the 80mb version for the 45mb price during cyber week.

Take care.   Sd card changes regarding speed /size/prices are insane compared to just 2 years ago.  Memory is SO cheap!

I’d say affordable would be a good description. Nice to see you were able to figure this out!


I am looking for a memory card SandDisk 32 GB (micro sd). Because I am looking a candidate e.g. here, I am wondering what is an average life span of memory card like this? E.g. for 32GB SanDisk I see many models which looks almost same. Beside speed difference I don’t see anything other else. How long does this memory card last? I know they have speed/write limit but is there any general number?

Thank you for any info,