Loading podcasts with media monkey

When I synch podcasts from Media Monkey to my Fuze they are in the opposite order from how they are listed on MM. For example tracks are listed in MM from 01 to 16 but after transfer they show up on Fuze listed 01,16,15,etc. and track 02 is last. It doesn’t matter if I send all at once or send 1 at a time or refresh media between each track. 01 stays at top of list and 02 goes to the bottom and the others go up from there. The only thing that works is if I load each track separately starting with the last track work up to the first track and refresh between each. Which sucks but is a workaround unless I have a new track to add which then ends up at the top of the list instead of the bottom. Any help would be appreciated.

I hven’t used MM, I read on here about Juice and got that one, but that happens with most of the items I’ve put on the fuze.  That’s the only workaround I’ve found.