Library being deleted

When adding new music onto my fuse, any song/file that is on my fuse gets deleted if it is not actually in my wmp library after the wmp and fuse synch (i understand why it happens in theory).  Need to make it stop doing it.   

I have a c250 from last Christmas that hasn’t had a single problem or caused me a bit of aggrevation.  This fuse is about to go out the window into the snowbank.

This is one of the main reasons I avoid MTP mode and WMP like the plague! If you ‘sync’, and have removed the files from the computer (in order to save space or whatever) and then connect the player, WMP will remove those files from the player. That’s the way it’s designed to work.

You should make sure ‘Automatic Sync’ is turned off in favor of ‘Manual Sync’, or better yet, abandon MTP & WMP altogether like I did and simply drag & drop your files from one place to the other in MSC mode. That way you completely take Microsoft and it’s evil Media Player out of the equation. You can still use it to rip CD’s, but YOU will be in control of what goes on & off your player, not WMP!

Why not just drag and drop files to the player using Windows Explorer or My Computer? Do you have some songs that are protected? I don’t sync my Fuze, I just copy files to it using Windows Explorer. If you plan to sync with Windows Media Player, then be careful how you arrange the settings.

Thanks for the replies.  I managed to stop this from happening just by chance after rereading another forum and modifying the response by another sansa guru. 

Just to sure though, I will start the drag 'n drop method.

What would help the rest of us would be the detail of how you solved the problem.

@llikesclassical wrote:
What would help the rest of us would be the detail of how you solved the problem.

One of the easiest things you can do is turn off auto sync. Plug the player into the computer (If you get an autostart menu just close it), Open WMP then go to the Sync Tab, and click the little arrow below it, then go down on the list to your fuze, a fly out menu will pop up and in that menu you go down to Set Up Sync, and a window called Device Setup will open, At the top left corner, there is a check box that says Sync this device automatically, make sure this is unchecked.If you get a menu when you plug it in, that has to options that wants to know if you want to leave you music on, or delete it and make room for new files, make sure the Leave music on my device option is clicked. You need to be sure Auto Sync is off, and that WMp is not deleting you music so you can add more.