Large m3u playlist load time fixed - Thank you Sandisk!

While the new FLAC and Ogg Vorbis support are great, the thing I’ve been dying for is the large m3u playlist fix.  And I can confirm it is indeed fixed and works great.

Previously, a 600 song playlist would take several minutes to load and then another minute or two to start playback.  Also, the playlist displayed the filenames instead of tags and was incredibly slow to scroll through.

Now, the playlist takes around 15-20 seconds to load the first time and playback starts instantly.  If you subsequently select the playlist, it’s somehow cached and loads instantly.  Also, the list displays the title tag (instead of filename) and scrolls as quickly as any other list in the UI.

Thank you so much for this fix as large playlists are the primary way I use the player.   Huge improvement!

My only suggestion would be now that the list display is tag based, it would be nice to use an <Artist> - <Title> (or maybe <Title> - <Artist>) format as opposed to just <Title>.

Thanks again!