Playlist taking a lot of time to load!

How long does a playlist usually to take to load? Waiting like 5 minutes already and still no play. Is this normal?!

The longer the playlist is, the longer it will take to compile & load that information into the RAM of the Fuze, but  . . . 5 minutes  is a bit excessive.

Maybe it is encountering something foreign or un-decypherable in a ID3 tag of one of the songs in the playlist, causing it to hang?

Oh ok. ID3-tag?? I’m a newbie in that department, so I wouldn’t know about that. All the tracks are mp3 or a few are wma… I built a couple of playlists by using your famous method: open my sanza folder in explorer and then dragging and dropping in an empty playlist in winamp. Then I saved them on my Fuze. Each contains around of 200 or more tracks, so I guess that’s why it would take so long. 

I only get a screen with 00.00 as the time playing but it’s still pauzed. I’ll give it another try and be more patient. Thanks!

ID3 tag FAQ

Ok, I’ll give it a try. Do I have to remake my playlist afterwards…since the tracknames will be changed?

A playlist works off of file names, not track names in the ID3 tag info. That’s why it’s crucial to build the list from the music on your player, not on your computer to insure that the ‘paths’ are correct. Otherwise, you’ll get the infamous <empty> message.

I used the mp3tag and just let him convert all the tagnames as he pleased. But somehow now my playlists ended up containing less songs that I originally saved.  I guess I’ll make the playlists again…and hopefully this time the loading up won’t take as long as it used to.

Thanks tapeworm!

Your mp3tag suggestion seems to have helped out a lot! I tried two playlists and they loaded up much faster than in the past. Thx!

Sweet! :smiley: