M3U Playlist on Fuze, plays takes forever switching songs

SO i had the same problems making playlists on the sansa fuze like others because winamp makes them to default to the “exact” location, which I fixed by manually editing out the “/music/” part out, after which the songs started to actually show up on the list.

Therefore I tried to play one, it took atleast 20 seconds before it started playing, and the playlist only had 115 songs total. When I pressed on another song, it took another 20 just to play that. I don’t know if my FUZE is lacking the horsepower to play em faster or the songs are just hard for it to find. 

The playlist is in the /music folder, but the actual paths are as follows below.

Here is how the actual playlist file looks like now:

#EXTINF:78,Hatebreed - Empty Promises
Hatebreed\1997- Satisfaction is the Death of Desire\01 Empty Promises.mp3

The paths look correct and the delay is definitely not normal.  There shouldn’t be any difference in delay between using a playlist and playing an album.

Do you files playback normally when playing an album/artist?

I wonder if the #EXTINF lines are causing an issue.  The Fuze doesn’t use them and they should be ignored, but you might try deleting them and see what happens.

Normal playback is perfect, it plays the songs right away, but when playlisted it happens.