Keep Backlight on

I prefer to keep the backlight on at all times, I listen to radio programs and my files are about 4 hours long and I like to see how long the track has been playing.  I did not see how to remove the timer.  Has anyone done this?

Our Sansa Clips have OLED displays that wear out much quicker than backlit LCD displays, so keeping it on all the time would probably not be the best idea.  (5000 hours, or about 208 days always on is the lifespan of typical OLED displays, and blue pixles are said to wear out the quickest)

Edit: I don’t think there is the option to keep it on all the time. 

Message Edited by YueIBM on 12-25-2007 07:00 PM

If you want to know how long it’s been playing, you can also press the center button to have the display turn back on again.  You don’t want to leave the display on all the time to kill your OLED and your device’s battery life.