just not working....

I have a Sansa (Sandisk) Fuze that received as a gift in 2009 (which might be part of the problem). now when i turn it on i get a blank white screen. no music, no means of switicghing from music to radio to video etc.

Im guessing it just died but if there is some sort of way to fix this (that doesnt cost an arm and a leg) id like to figure out how. at the very least id like to get my music from the  mp3 player and save it somehow. but im not sure on that issue either.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you can get it to connect and be recognized by your computer, you can manually re-apply the firmware. That might do it. If not, try formatting it. This will erase all user-added content so you’ll have to re-load everything, but it might fix what’s ailing it and it’s chepaer than buying a player.