Just have to say

As someone who works in tech support, dealing with hard drives and computers day in and day out, your product is the single most confusing, most backwards piece of ■■■■ I have ever seen. I picked up the 8gb Fuse+. I cant even load 2 audiobooks on it, in separate folders, without it merging everything about them.  Different authors, different books, it puts them completely out of order(and dont even begin to give me ■■■■ about the tags, ive checked that already).  The 2 books combined came to a total of 27 chapters.  first chapter of one was #11 in the list, the other was 26.  2nd in each was 3 and 14, respectively.  This makes no sense.  It wont let me separate them by folders as it completely ignores them, WHICH MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO ANYONE WITH 2 BRAIN CELLS.  I am seriously considering going back to Best by to get my money back.  Unfortunately, it was this or the iPod, which I wouldnt touch with a 1 mile pole, I despise them that much.  But you, Sansa, you have immediately shot up to #2 on the list, working extremely hard to make yourself the #1 WORST mp3 player that is available on the market.

Hi kaeyoss, i’m not a native speaker - but your posting is very amusing and nice to read. I agree with you in most of the points… by now i’m struggling around with the player not accepting new audiobooks from audible. The unhappiness of being owner of this hardware only being topped by not having the euros to get a good one. Kindest regards SamS

I think the Audiobooks section should have been named Audiobook.  It works OK if you only have one audiobook.

I do not think this section was designed to be used.

I have not heard of anyone claiming that this section is just what they wanted.

I chave to agree with keayoss. Whoever designed this definitely did not have audiobook consumers in mind. Here’s my list of things that make me want to smash my Fuse+ with a rock:

  1. Touchy Touch-pad- The touch pad on this player has two problems, either the slightest touch will pause, play, fast forward or delete your audio file or you have to pound on the pad for five minutes saying, “Pause! Pause! Pause, you heartless evil machine!” between gritted teeth. Also, scrolling on the touch pad requires a level of patience that one can only acquire through decades of meditation, hard work, and sacrifice, I know that touch technologies are all the rage, but maybe a button would be better here. It’s not like this player has no buttons.

  2. Random Settings - Random is nice when you are listening to music–with audiobooks, not so much. Most audiobooks are broken up into smaller files, and when your player skips from  one to another, you kind of want the next file to be the “next” file. If the book goes from the third part to the fifth part of a book sometimes you might not notice until you’ve listened to three hours of part five and realize that the book is not making sense anymore. This is usually when I start throwing things and swearing so furiously that I start making up words of my own. In the settings menu there is an option that is supposed to keep your Sansa Fuze+ from doing this, it does not work.

  3. “Delete file?”- Why is this the first thing to pop up when you accidently touch the center of the touch pad during playback? Deleting files should be easy only when you want it to be easy, not something that routinely crops up whenever you hit a speedbump or pull it out of your pocket.  Yes, I know that the Fuze+ has “a lock feature that can prevent blah-de-blah-de-blah,” but, seriously, have you ever tried to get the stupid thing to unlock while driving? Try doing it in time to pause playback so you can answer your cellphone. Call me from the top of the tree you run into and tell me how easy it was to unlock. Lock/Unlock should be a sliding button on the side or top that clicks into place, something you have to push and slide would be nice and would prevent accidental locks or unlocks kind of like what you do on the touch pad but with a real physical object that you can look at and know which state the player is in before you do anything.

  4. Naming Conventions- Audio files tend to have poor naming conventions which are long and don’t fit well on tiny screens. Currently, the book on my player has this file name “A Dance With Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five (Unabridged) Part 3.” Since this player has such an issue with playing the files in the wrong order, knowing which file is currently playing becomes an issue. If it takes two and a half minutes to scroll through the file name to the end where the “Part 3” is hidden the player will have darkened its screen to conserve power more than two minutes before I know that I’m listening to the wrong part of the book. Usually, while I am waiting something like this happens: “Paul was devestated. Angie and the kids were gone. Murdered at the hands of the madman who three chapters ago was Paul’s best friend. Now he can never tell Angie about the orphans he saved during the exciting middle section of this book or how he fought off the thugs from the Chinese mafia who were threatening to take over Norway. He sat down on the edge of the bed and bravely fought back the tears.” Meanwhile, I’m bravely fighting back the urge to toss the stupid player out the window at oncoming traffic. The #$%^ing Chinese Mafia! Oh, man! I knew they were up to no good! Which button on the Sansa Fuse+ lets me unhear that? So, please, could you just number the files or something so I know which one is playing or can pick out the files in a list? Even better, it would be great if the player automatically put all the files into a master file or folder.

Ideally, I would love it if the Fuze+ had a sliding dock like a cellphone and buttons rather than a touch pad, and it would be great if it were geared with music and audiobook consumers in mind. Probably no one will read this, however, or they won’t care.

i red your comment and perfectly agree. I’m still very unlucky with the fuze+ - i have to use it in my car because the drm of audible audiobook - the books won’t play on build in Nissan Hardware(Bosch) - therefore i take fuze+ to transport via audio-in - can you imagine the joy of touching the player to pause everytime i reach my destination… Kind regards SamS

’ I think the Audiobooks section should have been named Audiobook. It works OK if you only have one audiobook. I do not think this section was designed to be used. I have not heard of anyone claiming that this section is just what they wanted. …"

It should work if each files of the book has the same album tag, and each book uses a different album tag.

The Fuze+ has its issues though, which is why I didn’t buy one. i read a few reviews and decided against buying one. I have the Clip+ and Fuze though.

you know guys its seems to me the vast majority of complaints are coming from people who have a high interest in audiobooks

I would never load one on my player. ever.

and have almost nothing to complain about with my 8gb Fuze+

If i was into audiobooks id probably see what you guys mean i guess

I see some pretty harsh comments directed to Sansa here and i think it would be nice

to point out that they have gone out of their way to provide LOTS of features on the Fuze+

Would it have been better to not have added Audiobook support at all ?

And its not like we havn’t had a ton of firware updates (more than anything else i’ve owned)

I bought another brand player before this one and returned it and bought the fuze+

So maybe consider returning the device to where you purchased it and buy something

designated and designed for the Audiobook crowd and what that may be i have no idea

Ipod maybe ? i dunno i 've never met someone in real life that listens to audiobooks lol

hi i’m in with the fuze+ because of direct recommendation or better with the compatibility list from audible.de. i compared lots of prices in the internet to find out whether this player will suit for me. right now i got a present from them for staying three more months - it is a phillips gogear raga with no microsd slot - there are real buttons and it is a lot quicker booting, smaller but display and i have to store less books on it. perhaps i will give the fuze+ a try for music. best regards me