Joining The "Not Working" Club

Bought my Clip Zip in September. It was the exact thing I was looking for at a great price. I loaded some music from a local college station on to it. It was working perfectly until recently. Now I am encountering these problems:

  1. The music freezes and won’t play. Tried doing the resets and reloading the install program. No luck.
  2. The music screen will have all of the wording disappear so that only the background color shows.
  3. The radio still works. I’m not using any of the other features so I don’t know about them.
  4. The installer program loaded from the install disc so I could download from the site originally when I bought it. I was able to use it to set things up and organize everything on it. Now, it has disappeared off the computer.
  5. After the program disappeared off the laptop, the player was not recognized anymore, and kept coming up as a defective device in the USB slot.
  6. Tried using the install disc again with no luck. Disk is Vers. 1.0 dated 2011. Also has on it this code:  54-75-02409.80-90-02409.80-91-02409
  7. I’ve tried downloading it again. It downloads to my laptop (HP G62 w/Win7), but does not open and execute apparently.
  8. I’ve tried downloading earlier versions and they do  the same things-download and don’t open.

What next? The inability to get the programs to open anymore on my laptop seem to maybe be the main problem. I’m not sure if it is reseting as it doesn’t really seem to do anything. It will shut off, and I have to turn it back on manually

As some final info, I bought it back home in the US at a Best Buy, and I am using it while I am working in Saudi Arabia.


SanDisk Customer Service for instructions and/or a warranty replacement.

Before doing so, you might try:

  1.  Manually re-installing the latest firmware in the player–this all could be due to software glitches.  See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of this board.


  1.  Reformatting the payer under its System settings or via Windows–a reformat can fix odd issues.  Note:  this will erase the player’s user content; transfer any you want to save (if you can) to your computer first.

Note:  as to the “installer program” you mention, I’m not sure what you are referring to, as the Clips don’t have one–they act like a USB drive under USB MSC mode or via Windows Media Player, etc. under USB MTP mode, without the need for a separate program.  Perhaps you are referring to the SanDisk updater program which simply sits on your computer looking to see if new firmware has come out (an unnecessary consumption of your computer’s memory).

Hope this is of help–

Wel, I kind of doubt that I will be able to get it replaced, or have warranty work done on it since I am in Saudi Arabia now. Post cards took a month to reach the US. I shudder to think how long a package may take.

Getting everything to download from the links was very difficult. It took multiple tries from the links on here before it finally worked. So I would guess that I didn’t have any luck with that. :cry: I guess my next step is to reformat it and see if that works.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll let you know how they work.

Good luck. 

And, you’re downloading the right file, right (it’s only 1 download)?  You want, from here,, the download listed as “Manual Firmware Update (All Regions)”–it shold only take a few minute to download, as it’s only 9+MB (perhaps you have a connection issue if it takes more?).  Here’s also the direct link to the download.

Yep. Downloaded that version, and finally got it to work on my laptop.

I actually ended up having to do the hard reset. I was able to save the music, and then reload it after clearing everything off with the reset. I haven’t tried it, yet, but I think it’s good to go.

Good to hear!  And if you haven’t yet done it, you might want to re-format your player while your content is off of it, using either the player’s options under System settings or Windows–this can sometimes be beneficial.

Yes. Forgot to mention that I did the reformatting before I put the music back on it.