Ixpand Will not play Video after update

Hello all, new to the forms…

 After the firmware update I have not been able to get both my ipad minis to play videos? The videos all populate to the left but when I click on the video it’s just a black screen? Any ideas advice??

Mr. G

Have you updated your iPads to iOS9? There is an issue that SanDisk is working on.

If you have the latest app and FW the iOS 9 issues should be resolved. 

What type of videos are they? 

have you tried reloading the videos?

can you upload a sample file with the issue so we can test?

I have same problem. iPad running iOS9. iXpand will not play AVI videos after copying from iPad. Latest version app updated.

Seeing the same issue.

Without video playback, sort of defeats the purpose of having the drive.

64GB, running 4.4.6 firmware, IPad mini running ios 9.1

Lists all of the video files on the drive, but cannot play them.

.m4v, .MOV, .mp4, .avi

Saw a VLC error at one point.

Here is the playback error:

VLC can’t recognize the input’s format.

The format of '’ cannot be detected.

Have a look at the log for details.

i have the latest version and I am not having any issues with video playback. I would recommend contacting sandisk support and sending them a file that you have the issue with. They should be able to test and if they can reproduce the issue they can submit it to their dev team for a fix. 

I am having the same problem with videos (.mp4) not playing.

I upgaded using the PC software tool but the problem is still there.

The IOS software is ver 9.2 and the iXpand firmware is now ver 4.4.7.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

can you post a dropbox link to the video? mp4 files play no problem for me. If you can post a dropbox link or PM it we can test with the file you have. 

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t think it is a problem with the .mp4 files as they have played ok previously.

I can copy files from the iXpand app to My Downloads and they play perfectly well from there but I guess this uses the ipad native app to play the video.

There is no DRM protection or anything like that on the files so it’s not that.

Everything else seems to be ok. photos display ok, music plays and text file docx, pdf etc display ok it is just the video files that do not play.

I also had a .MOV file from a camera on the iXpand and I copied over a .divx file as well but nothing plays.

When you click on a video file to play the it looks as if it is starting but the screen remains blank and nothing happens.

I don’t use dropbox but I could email you a short mp4 file if you give me your email address.

This has happened at a bad time as we are taking a plane trip next week and intended to use the ipad then.

Looks like I will need to just copy a couple of files at a time using My Downloads and do it that way.


Ted Broadhurst

The description is exactly the same for me. I also have an iPad mini. The iXpand works perfectly with both iPad (normal) and iPhone, but not with iPad mini. All my units have the last iOS.

I’ve found a way to overcome the problem, until it hopefully comes a fix about this issue.

Even if it’s not possible to play videos directly from the Flash Disk, and not “pre-view” most of the files as in iPad (normal)/iPhone, I managed to download the files to “My downloads” on the app itself (it means not actually on the app, but on the iPad minis hard drive, and possible to run without the Flash Disk), and then I may see the videos. Then the files run without any abruptions.

I see that there are so many with the same problem. Me being one but not much support from Sandisk.

its always replying a question with a question.

mine was working fine until the latest update.

please come up with a fix and not more questions.

I suspect the Sanzdisk proprietary player is liken to the Vlc player. Issues with licensed codecs.

Hence, some mkv files or movie files with these Lic  codecs are not playable.

like VLC, SanDisk should have advised in the update description.

Hope I’m wrong. All of a sudden, I’ve list interest in this gadget. Going back to the WD wifi Hdd.

I have a similar issue as Ted. I videoed karaoke songs from my camera on my IXpand. They are all sorted on the drive and I can play them on my iPad mini with no issue. When I try to play them on my karaoke machine using Bluetooth, it starts and then stops and words and music are out of timing. I never had this issue until a few weeks ago. My iso is 9.3.5 and the ixpand is up to date. The files are MOV formate. I need to fix this issue. I have a number of shows coming up. Any suggestions? Please HELP!

Attrition to above. I played it on my iPhone and I have no issues. My iPhone iOS is 11.4. My iPad mini is 9.3.5. What to do now?

update the iPad mini would be my first suggestion. 

I have also encountered some of the same problems and are trying to handle it.