'iXpand Sync' app crashes when playing certain MKV files

Hello SanDisk Team,

I purchased an iXpand 128GB yesterday and I am having problem playing some MKV videos.


Sandisk iXpand 128GB
Device: iPad Air (16GB, 3G/Wifi running iOS 9.0.1).
iXpand Sync App: version 1.2.5
iXpand Firmware: 4.4.7
Laptop: Lenovo Y580, Intel i7, 4GB Ram, Windows 7 x64 SP1
iTunes version: v12.3.2.35 (x64, English, downloaded 2 days ago)

I loaded some movies and anime files, which were in MKV and MP4 formats.

The movie in MKV format plays fine, no problems there. But whenever I run all the other anime video files in MKV, the app just crashes.
I tried renaming the file (removing brackets and parentheses etc, making the name shorter) but it did not help.

The details of the anime MKV file is as follows (Copied from GOM Player Media Info)

[Ver. 2, 1, 47, 5133(EN)]


  1. Default DirectSound Device
  2. VMR9 - Renderless mode
  3. Gretech Audio
  4. Gretech Video
  5. CoreAAC Audio Decoder
  6. Gretech Matroska Source

*** VIDEO INFO ***
Input Type : AVC1(GVC)
Input Size : 1280 x 720
Output Type : YUY2
Output Size : 1280 x 720
FrameRate(Frame/sec) : 0.00 (80.00)

*** AUDIO INFO ***
SampleRate(Sample/sec) : 48000
BitRate(Bit/sample) : 16
Channels : 2
KBitRate(KBit/sec) : 0

Thing is, this information is same as the MP4 movie file that plays just fine.

I’ve sent crash report log to Sandisk (that prompts when you relaunch the app after crashing).

What could it be the reason? Any solution to this?
Obviously it has to be a codec problem, but I don’t know much about them, so any help would be appreciated. Any chance Sandisk will add support for more codecs (both video/audio)?
It seems like even if the extension is .MKV, the codec used to actually encode each video file can differ a lot depending on who encoded the file in the first place.

I certainly do NOT want to re-encode these video files. That would probably take few weeks, and defeats the purpose of buying an iXpand for me.

Help is much appreciated.

Your best bet is to contact sandisk support and provide them a sample file that is causing the app to crash. They should be able to look at it and let you know if they will work or not and if the problem is with the file or the app. If the issue is on the file side the only option would be to reencode them. 

Mine is doing the same since the upgrade. I have this drive for a few months, watching all movies but this happened after the upgrade from Itunes.

NOw it crashes when playing certain movie files.

Please fix this ASAP.

i have been having an issue that when trying to play videos that are on my SanDisk iXpand drive on my iPad or my iPhone 7, if i am connected to blue tooth audio the SanDisk iXpand Drive app always crashes when connected to blue tooth audio.