I feel scamed: no longer mkv / srt support

So, I’ve been using my Ixpand 3.0 regullary without a single problem watching movies with external subtitles (mkv and srt files). I’m very upset and very embarrashed because I’ve just plugged my Ixpand and when I was going to watch another movie as always, the app shows up a message no longer support mkv files (and suggest your new paid app) and I can’t play my srt files (and as I can read here, you also suggest your new paid app). So what’s the deal? Would I trash my Ixpand and left horrible reviews and every online store?

follow the links in the in app notifications and you will get a free coupon code to download the new video player app for free. the video playback experience is much more robust in the new app and because you have a legacy device you will get it for free. 

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I feel exactly the same. The PDF instruction said I can play .MKV and .AVI file formats, but in fat I can’t! I just bought the recent 128 GB version of the iXpand and I’m really disappointed. The only apps that can play the promised file formats are Infuse and nPlayer Plus, which costs lots of money! This Flash disk was touted as useful and working solution, but instead I only get this overpriced and limited app, which is only useful to backup photos.

I’ve listed these issues in my own post here: Sandisk iXpand is a total scam!
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