iXpand Drive help please!!!!

I purchased the 64 gig iXpand Flash Drive. I understood that I could plug it into my phone and all the photos would transfer over to the drive so I could delete them off of my phone. I have 2500 photos on my phone and about 10 videos. When I plugged it in the phone it transferred aproximately 20 photos and that is it. I am not sure how to get the other photos over to the drive. I created a file “Disney” and put all of the Disney photos in that folder. It still would not transfer those photos. How do I get it to recognize all of the photos on the phone so I can get them over to the drive? 

I gave IXpand permission to access the photos. I am not sure what else to try. Please help…


Tapping the plus button at the bottom should allow you to select the files you want to transfer. Can you transfer the pictures this using the manual transfer?

Also are all the pictures actually stored on your phone? The iXpand cant backup pictures that are stored on iCloud so if the pictures are there it will not be able to back them up. 

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Tapping the plus button will not allow me to chose photos to transfer. There are over 2500 photos on my phone and they are all under the photo app/tab on my iphone. They are also on my icloud but they are on my actual phone which is full. 


try turning off icloud photo sharing and see if you can then transfer the pictures.