ixpand 3.0 4.6 get error with iphone X 11.2.5

As the subject, some one can help me :((

When I connect usb otg ixpand 3.0 version 4.6 to iphone X version 11.2.5, it show me: “Unfortunately, your device version does not perform the following functions with your detected iPhone model:  - Photo backup/copy from iPhone - iXpand drive in app camera  We have not observed any similar issues with previous iPhone models. Please fill in your information below to request a replacement unit.”

unfortunately this is a common issue with iPhone8,8+ and iPhone X

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Just send it back to sandisk for RMA

If your country is not supported, you can do manual RMA by emailing them

they are very efficient

better than the local distributor (for my case, Malaysia) who refused to send the defective (not working with iphone X) ixpand to the HQ for RMA and offered store credits instead.

btw I just received my replacement drive

The one I sent for RMA is actually the ixpand mini 64gb but since sandisk HK doesn’t have the same model that is working with iphone X in stock they offered me the newer, more expensive ixpand usb3 64gb instead. Awesome!

So Is your new ixpand 3.0 working with iphone X ok?

Is it working ok on your iPhone X now please?