iPhone X with 11.1.2

Just bought ixpand today. It doesn’t detect iPhone X. Is it suppose to be supported?


did you perform a reset (wiping all contents etc) on the phone? if yes it may be a similar problem to ios 11.1.1 whereby if the iphone/ipad has been reset, the ixpand cannot connect (but can be detected, e.g. you will get a prompt to install the sandisk app when plugging the ixpand

I am also on iPhone X on 11.1.2, I can view the files on my drive. However, I am not able to setup automatic backup for photos and contacts. Sad thing is I am in the UAE so filling the form as well won’t help me. Will there be an update anytime soon to have compatability for iPhone X? Error attached.

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I have the exact same message.

I have mailed the support team. Hopefully they have an upgraded firmware ready for the new phones. Kind of sucks to not have the stick working.

Btw, 8+ also has the same issue. Found another thread here. 

If you are seeing the message in the post above it is a hardware incompatibility issue and the iXpand will need to be replaced. If there is no form available for the region you live please contact SanDisk support directly to get a warranty replacement. 

Thanks. Should I email them on any address?
Not sure how exactly to start the RMA process?

you can open a support request using the link below.


Cheers. I have submitted a request now.

I have a new iphone x and i have the same problem.  Fail and reconnect is the message. I got a new one from my store, but it is the same problem.  I have ios 11.1.2.  I hope sandisk and apple can fix the issue soon…

regards from norway.

You will have to get your stick replaced with Sandisk. 
Speak with the support and they will assist with the RMA. 

Okey. I prefer go back to my store and repleaced. Thanks for your respons! 

@kjeaka wrote:

Okey. I prefer go back to my store and repleaced. Thanks for your respons! 

It is unlikely that the store where you purchased the product will have the new hardware in stock which is required to resolve the issue. We would request that you request an RMA through SanDisk technical support to ensure you receive a replacement that will work with the iPhone X. 

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Hi everyone,

I can confirm that it’s a firmware issue and not hardware or iPhone X problem.

In total I had bought 3 iXpand USB 3.0 drives, and one of them works perfectly fine on the iPhone X. At the beginning I bought a 128GB for myself and a 64GB for my busniess partner. The 64GB one didn’t work, so I returned it and bought another 128GB since the first 128GB worked. However, to my surprise the second 128GB I received didn’t work.

So I connected both drives and check the differences, the first 128GB I received had a firmware version, while the second 128GB had version But if you use the Sandisk firmware update tool it will not update the firmware to, for some reason the tool will say is up to date. I don’t know if I’m lucky to get one drive that came with 115.88 out of the blue, but I hope Sandisk can update their server soon.

Another difference I noticed is the “Card Type”, the first 128GB is type 2, while the second is type 3, I thought they were supposed to use the same type of card for an identical product? Anyone knows the difference between type 2 and 3 cards?

For the record, my iPhone X is running the latest iOS 11.1.2.


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Had the same issue. Contacted support and they shipped me a new unit. All good now. Must say that the support team is excellent and really responsive.

@xyzxyz wrote:

Please check my post on the other thread.




I believe it’s a firmware issue with the iXpand drive, because I have one that works perfectly fine on both iPhone X and 8 Plus running the latest iOS 11.1.2. The working iXpand drive came with firmware version, while the other two that didn’t work came with version

This is not a problem with the FW version. It is a hardware issue related to the card that is used in the product. Type 3 cards are affected by the issue and the devices that use these cards will need to be replaced. Please contact SanDisk Support for a warranty replacement. 

I have the same problem with iPhone X

iXpand is detected and I was able to copy the stock photos in the iXpand to iPhone X

However when selected to Copy from Phone to iXpand it promts RMA form.

I was told by the customer support to file RMA and send to Hong Kong.

I went straght to the SanDisk store in Taipei and got a replacement, but same problem still occur and it is a Type 3 card.

So if Type 2 card is the key to work with iPhone X.

Is there any way we can findout from the packaging Serial or Model number that the unit is using Type 2 card?

You will need to get the replacement from sandisk RMA. Fill out the RMA form and follow the return instrucitons there. they will replace it with a version that will work with the iPhone X

Thanks for the reply.

I am looking for a much faster way to replace in store if possible like 

the previous comment from xyzxyz when he bought he had Type 2 and Type 3 cards.

I am going on a trip in a week and RMA will take about 2 weeks.

Customer service didnt even provide the Hong Kong RMA contact number and name.

Still waiting for the response for over a week!

So if there is a way to find out if the unit in Retail store is a Type 2 or Type 3 I can go get it replaced there.

Quick 10min drive.