It went through washer and dryer

My Sansa clip+ went through the wasing machine then the dryer what should I do?


The first thing one should do is not to turn it on right away. Then dry it out, preferably opened. Some do survive this without problems.

Another lucky owner had it still responding only on the usb connection, and revived it by changing the battery. Slim chance, but check if yours responds to cable.

Other strategies are:

b) Buy a new one and pretend it never happend
c) Pretend it works

The clip/clip+ are tough little guys, they’ve been known to survive after going through the washer and dryer.

After it dries, if it starts to make funny noises, kind of like a mouse, that’s normal  – it’s squeaky clean!  :smileyvery-happy:

No need to open it up.  Just let it dry out, in a warm location.  And we mean days, many of them.  Turning it on when still wet can ruin it.

Before letting it dry out, some people will pour distilled water through it, to try to eliminate any contamination.  Optional.

To dry it out, you can try a warm room (such as near your dryer).  You also could put it along with some of those small electronics drying packs, or in a bowl of rice.

Odds are, it will come back to life for you.