Is this a correct tag?

ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)   This is what mp3tag shows all my songs are tagged with.  So why no album art shows up on the player.  Windows Media Shows all art.  The player is set on MSC.

Yes, that is what MP3Tag will show as your tag format if you set the Write format to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

As far as the art, did you add ablum art to each track in MP3Tag? A simpler way of doing it is to add an ‘album art.jpg’ image to each album folder. This way all songs in that folder will display the 1 image, rather than burning up memory having the image embedded into every tag. Unless of course, you have complilation albums with many artists, in which case it would be better to embed the images in each track’s ID3 tag.