Is there a site that carries a wide variety of useful Fuze accessories?

I love my Fuze and use it all the time, but I’d like something like an alarm clock or other speaker accessory I could plug my fuze into (that’s made specifically for the fuze, not something that just uses a 3.5mm headphone jack). Do such things exist, or are they just for the ipod elite?

“Made for Sansa” docks (compatible with many of Sandisk’s players with the same 40-pin connector, not just the Fuze) have been available before, but as far as I know, they’ve all been discontinued and are now hard to find. But if you search for “altec lansing im413” and “timex clock radio sansa” on the shopping sites, maybe you’ll get lucky.

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It has nearly everything you can think of for the Fuze. 

The Sansa Base Station is still available from their website.  It docks the fuze to your stereo, your computer, and includes a remote control.  Note the little plastic fitting pieces don’t fit the fuze but if you leave those off, the fuze slips over the connector and connects anyway.

Otherwise, Amazon is your best friend.