Is there a belt clip for the Fuze?

Subject says it all.  Getting tired of carrying it around in my hand.

As small as these things are getting why not build the whole thing to fit on the ears!  Or maybe a crainial implant?

I recently purchased a 3-in-1 kit for a Sansa Fuze from Handstands.  You can find this product on Amazon.

On Amazon I saw this bundle for about $5 or so that came with a power cable, wall charge/car charge adapter, and a silicone case that came with a removable clip.

Found some here (and a lot more): Sansa Fuze Accessories

I use a real tiny camera case.  by LowePro.  Forget the model number but it’s small and has a velcro top flap.  I didn’t want a zipper when trying to open and close on-the-fly and that way the headphone cord just sneaks out the edge of the velcro flap.  Belt loop on the camera case obviously.  Cost around $12 as I remember.  Camera stores should have something like this.  Works great.  fit the fuze, earbuds, and little case for spare microSDHC cards all in this tiny package.

@smt wrote:
I recently purchased a 3-in-1 kit for a Sansa Fuze from Handstands.  You can find this product on Amazon.

I bought this product. I have a few things to say about it . . .

  1. If you don’t mind how your player looks, then use the leather case that comes with it. It scratches the crap out of it. But it does a good job at protecting it. It has a clear screen protector built in.

  2. The hard shell case thing that comes with it is WONDERFUL!!! That does the best job a protecting it.

  3. The leather case has a nice velcro belt loop. It also has a armstrap, which is nice for working out.

Search Amazon for what you want. They have everything (pretty much).

I just ordered that set. It has a black silicone skin with a clip and arm band, usb car charger, wall charger and a usb data cable. I got it on Amazon. The cost was $5.47 USD plus $2.98 USD shipping and handling. Shipping may be more outside the U.S.

I also bought the 3 in 1 Handstands kit for the Fuze.  Not sure what saxmaster means about scratching & protecting at the same time.  My wife uses the leather protector, but she drops that into a small camera carrying case that has a shoulder sling.  This works well for her when she uses the Fuze at work because she wears coveralls and jackets and reflective vests.

The hard case in the 3-1 kit is a very tight fit for the Fuze.  IMO it’s best thought of as a durable transport case, rather than something that will hold the Fuze and allow you to use it at the same time.

As mentioned, you can find an endless variety of little camera or cellphone holders at general stores (Target, Walmart) or more specialized stores (Kit’s, etc.)