How do you carry around your Fuze?

Do you use a belt clip or armband?  Do you stick the Fuze in a shirt or pants pocket?  Are there other ways to carry the Fuze with you?

Is the way you tote it around age related?  My 14 yo daughters just carry it in their hands from place to place in the house.   They don’t take it to school.

I have an iPod (boo-hiss, I know  :wink: ) and I use a belt clip at work, but I’m an old bat (52 yo).  :dizzy_face:  :wink:

How do you tote it around, and if you don’t mind giving an age or at least a ballpark (20’s, 30’s, etc).  Help educate this old bat!!  Thanks!!

I’m 48.  I used to keep in in a shirt pocket (kept falling out when I leaned over) or a jeans pocket (hard to access/buttones get pushed, end of cord at the plug get’s abused).

Started using a mini-digital camera case on the belt.

The LowePro Rezo15 seems to work perfectly for me.  Pretty inexpensive online.  There room enough in there for the Fuze and a couple of fingers so you can shut down, start up or fast forward without extracting the device…and there’s a micro pocket for the earbuds.  Also, the top flap is velcro so there’s no fussing around with zippers.  With the velcro flap, the cord comes neatly out the side, under the side of the top flap.  This would be pretty awkward if the flap had a zipper.

I can even keep a credit-card-sized “card” for holding microSDHC cards in there.

Anyway, that’s my setup.

Well, I’m 37, at least physically :stuck_out_tongue: My Fuze…95% of the time, I am home when I use it. So my silicone skin/armband/belt clip kit at home, isn’t even on it, just my screen protector. Around the house, if I’m wearing a shirt with a pocket, it’ll be in there, depending on which headphones I’m wearing…my one pair has a pretty long cord, so if I’m sitting at the computer wearing them, it will sit on the desk next to the monitor. However, if I go downstairs and walk on the treadmill, and I don’t have a shirt pocket, then I will put the skin and armband combo on. I don’t like the beltclip that came with the skin…it lets the Fuze swivel around and makes me think it’s going to fall off… doesn’t feel nearly as secure as the clip on my(you guessed it) Clip(which is usually what I leave the house with) . I only put the Fuze in my pocket if I’m wearing sweats, again, maybe paranoia on my part, but my phone’s internal LCD(yet not the outer, strangely) broke from being in a pocket, so you never know. I have to give you some credit for buying your daughters something cool like the Fuze, even though you own an iPoo :stuck_out_tongue: You should consider upgrading to a Clip or Fuze one of these days :wink:

Even with the clear plastic case in place covering the Fuze (check eBay for clear plastic Fuze case), it fits perfectly in my jeans’ coin pocket!

When not in use I keep my earbud phones, an external memory card (within the plastic storage case and micro to SD adapter it came with) and the Fuze unit itself inside a hard eye glass case in a pocket of my back pack! My whole CD collection within reach whereever I go…what’s cooler than that?

I use a Targus media card holder. large enough to hold the Fuze in one of the multiple media card compartment without falling out. can hold many additional cards in the other mesh compartment. zips close, has a belt loop. hold Fuze upside down which is perfect since the headphone connector is on the bottom, which points straight up when attached to me!

Cost…$1.59 at a discount store that has many, many items at this price (BTW they have tons of silicone and hard case skins for the e-series units for a DOLLAR!! all brand new in original sealed packs by Griffin. you should see their collection of iPod skins…all $1.00. brand new.

I’m almost 16 and i have to say whatever yu do d not keep it in your jacket pocket.  it may seem like a good spot at first but i acsedently sat on mine(earbuds rapped around it) and broke the LCD screen.

Note to self:

Don’t carry your Fuze in your jacket pocket if you’re almost 16.

Got it! :smileyvery-happy:

I have mine in the silicon case always and on the waistband at work.  At home, it’s usually laying on something. I don’t carry it around the house.   I used the arm band at first at home once or twice until I figured out how to put the belt loop on.  And in my pocket or added a safety pin on the cover when I was at work until I figured out how to put the belt loop on.

Maybe a shoulder strap for them, like a purse. 

Now that I have speakers and the docking station, it’s in that to listen to while I’m doing things in my bedroom.

Well, I always wear cargo pants, so when I’m not actually listening I put it in a little slip pouch for a GPS unit in my pocket.  When I’m walking around listening, I’ll either keep it in this pouch (earphones have a long cord), or put it in my jacket pocket.  If I’m wearing my snowboard jacket, though, its got a little padded pouch for it, a space for the cord, and a passthrough, loop, and hook for my earphones, so that ftw. 

When I first got it, though, I’d shove it in my pants pocket with my phone, and now its got a bunch of little surface scratches on the front… :neutral_face:

I’m going to imbed mine just under the skin on my chest.

In another 10-15 years, when Sansa releases the Fuze with the pacemaker option, I’ll be all set.

@blackdog_sansa wrote:

I’m going to imbed mine just under the skin on my chest.

In another 10-15 years, when Sansa releases the Fuze with the pacemaker option, I’ll be all set.

How you gonna go through metal detectors ? lol :o  ie. Store doors, airport screenings…

You guys are funny! 

Yeah, Marvin,  I will upgrade to a Fuze when my iPoo conks out.  With the cost of it, though, I better get at least another year out of it!  Hey, at least my girls are cool!

Tapeworm - funny comment!

blackdog - Fuze w/pacemaker.  I like it.

Thank you for your ideas.  You ALL have very creative ways of carrying your Fuzes.  I would not have thought of many of them.  The biggest issue for girls is that most girl’s tops don’t have shirt pockets.  That’s a guy thing.  I like all these suggestions, though.  Good thinking!  Any more input would be welcome!

Here’s another idea…if you have the silicone skin, instead of the armband going through the slots on the back of the skin, if you had a chain the right length, you could wear it around your neck…it would be like “bling” :smileyvery-happy:

Pacemaker Fuze…hmmm…

Perhaps I could integrate a few of these spare thermoelectric cells for more dependable power…

“Less than 3 Curies” on the case label- now that’s a tasty source.  I guess I could win the longest Fuze playback time.  This one will last a wee bit longer than 20 hours, I would think.  The sample is vintage 1973.

I like to carry the Fuze in the breast pocket of my labcoat.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I don’t have a Fuze, but I have an E200.  I carry it in my bra…works wonders

Given your username, I’m guessin’ that’s a nice fit… :wink:

Sorry, I just had to, you set yourself up for that one, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a clear snap on case that has a screw on belt clip on the back. It’s pretty cool. It’s made for the Fuze, so everything fits in the right places.

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@canaws wrote:

I bought one a clear snap on case that has a screw on belt clip on the back. It’s pretty cool. It’s made for the Fuze, so everything fits in the right places.



Did you find that online? If so, could you provide a link? 'Cause I don’t like the belt clip that came with my silicone case…so I’d be curious to see another option :smiley:

I bought this one: Transparent Clear Crystal Snap On Hard Case for SanDisk Sansa Fuze

The case is great. The clip is so-so. It’s white, so it doesn’t match anything. However, it does a good job on holding on to my pants (it hooks under). I haven’t done anything with intensive movement though. Just make sure you screw the case/clip connector on TIGHT, or else you’ll end up accidentally unscrewing it and dropping you’re Fuze.

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