Is someone on here willing to do a walk through with me?

I really am no good with technology, but I thought for sure I could figure this thing out. However, I was wrong. I am not understanding the software or the installation process, so if anyone on here would be willing to help me figure this out, please let me know. My AIM address is TimBurtonRox11. Anyone’s help would be greatly appreciated. Just let me know who you are when you IM me, and I will be sure to answer.

Thank you.

Ok I will give it shot, I have sometime but no IM.

We’ll try it from here, or someone else may be able to help ya out.

1st you need to download the zip file for your player which is found in this thread,

After downloding it double click on it & extract it

inside will be a m300a.bin flie

Slide the power button to the hold position
plug in your cable & plug it into the usb port on your pc
while holding the center button on your player

Click on start, then My Computer(in XP, not sure about Vista)

Look for your Player in ther list

Double click on the player

Select the extracted m300a.bin file from the other folder
Hold ctrl & press C, this will copy the file

Go to the player’s folder
Hold ctrl & press V, this will paste the m300a.bin file into your player

Disconnect the Sansa Clip and let it restart.
The firmware update will now begin.

Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will boot back up.

And then you are all done,

Hope this helps,

Really Lost