Is PrivateAccess compatible with Extreme SSD

I just bought a new SanDisk Extreme SSD and I’d like to install PrivateAccess, but I’m getting an error mesage about this only working on SanDisk USB flash drives. I don’t know exact differences between and SSD and a flash drive, so I’ll just ask directly: Should I be able to install PrivateAccess on a SanDisk Extreme SSD?

If I should be able to install it to use with the Extreme SSD, perhaps another thing that might be messing things up is I needed to create a partition so I could format a partition in NTFS so I could create a system image. The partition not formatted in NTFS was formatted as exFAT and I copied the Sandisk software that came preloaded on the drive to this partition once I was done partitioning. Could something have changed during the partitioning/formatting process that is now preventing me from installing PrivateAccess?

Hi @tomd8,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

No. I’m not sure how to open a Support Case. I’ll look and hope it’s not too hard to find.