Is my Sansa View toast?

I have a 32GB Sansa View player that I wonder if it is beyond fixing, or may I still be able to format the device and reinstall the factory software?  The Cliff Notes version…

As noted in the support section for Sansa View players, my player was freezing with the blue ring illuminated but nothing else working.  I tried resetting the device, including updating/reinstalling the firmware which was already updated to the most recent version, yet my problem still persists.  I’d add that what happens most often when I try to use my player is it will play part of a song, then suddenly quit and I get the blue ring freeze.  Shutting the unit down is problematical, as sometimes restarting the device only brings the blue ring of death back, while other times my player takes me back to the song it died on, and no matter what I try to do from there the device will freeze and go back to the blue ring of death within a couple minutes.

Again, I tried the recommended update/reinstall of the firmware but the problem persists.  I even tried formatting the device but the problem persists.  Is it possible for me to completely format the device and reinstall the factory OS, or is my Sansa View beyond hope and simply toast?

Maybe one of these threads/discussions might yield some help or solution for you . . .

I will check it out right away.  Thank you for the reply and the link!

For what it’s worth to all future readers looking to resolve their blue ring of death issue, here’s what I found after reading through the extensive threads in this support forum, as well as a large number of Google search results.  The short version is: You’re screwed.  Due to a major flaw in the OS of these Sansa MP3 players, once you get the blue ring of death your unit is toast.  I was lucky because I got ten years of service out of my Sansa player before this happened, which turns out was much, much more usage than most people got out of their units.  The fact that Sansa produced these units with such a serious innate fault, plus their complete failure to provide a fix to purchasers, compels me to never purchase a SanDisk product again.  I have since purchased a music player from another company.  Hope this posting helps others in preventing them from wasting a lot of their time trying to troubleshoot an issue with no possibility of a resolution.