Is all my data photos and videos safe?

My phones appear to say my sd corrupt after my android updated to android 9. It’s the same on two android phones. I have not yet tried a computer PC.

Sandisk Ultra Plus
microsdxc UHS-I

I have taken the card out, not format it since.

Re: S7 sd card corrupted after update
‎06-13-2018 11:27 PM

Well i hate to tell everyone but formatting your card is not necessary. All you have to do is turn your phone off and wipe the cache partition. When you reboot your phone after this process you will have all the data that was on the card back where it belongs. I just did this myself on my s7 edge because something in the update (oreo) caused my sd card to show corrupt. Turn phone off,hold volume up,home,and power keys all at dame time. When android comes on screen release power key, then other keys. Navigate down to wipe cache partition message with volume down key. Select message using power key. When next screen pops up select yes , then select reboot system on following screen. . Phone will restart and you are done. Hope this helps.