iOs Media Drive app crashes when playing music


After spending days looking for the ideal wirelss drive, I just bought a wireless media drive and unpacked it this morning. 

I have 2 problems with the iOs app (iphone 4S, ios 7.0.4, app version : 2.6.9, as of available this morning on the app store) :

  • the configuration icon does not work. Nothing happens when I press the icon.

  • big problem with music : selecting an artist in the artist view or an album in the album view instantly crashes the app !

That’s a big disappointement, as I bought the WMD mostly for music. 

I downloaded the lastest firmware (2.9) and copied it on the drive but nothing happens when I boot. I guess the firmware is upt o date.

Help will be appreciated !

Thanks in advance.

I think the problem is with the iphone version of the app (2.6.9).

Tested with an ipad (app : Sandisk Connect Media Drive HD vers. 2.6.8) and everything seems to work fine.

But the iphone app not working makes the WMD useless to me.

I consider sending it back if the app is not fixed.

In the app log in to the Admin settings and you should see a selection for Firmware update. If 2.9 is listed beside this your FW is updated. 

I am running the same phone and iOS version and do not have any issue playing music. Can you post a link to one of the files you are having this issue with so we can take a look at it?

On the ipad, everything works fine : songs play, settings window shows up (by the way, fw is 2.9)

On the iphone, I can’t access the settings : the icon does not work. When I touch it, it turns to grey but no setting window shows up.

The app instantly crashes when I select an album (albums view), an artist (artists view) but does not crash when I select a song (songs view) or a genre (genres view).

And this happens with every song, even with the demo songs.

@drlucky : here is a link to a video showing the behavior of the app on my iphone.

The link will be valid for the next 24 hours, starting now (7.15 PM CET)

Please leave the video posted a little longer or if you can upload it to youtube or something that will work as well. Also can you post a link to or PM me a link to one of the songs causing the issue?

I sent you a PM with the information you asked.


I think I know where the problem is :

It comes from the localization of the iphone app !

I changed the default language of my iphone to english and the app ran as expected : I could access the settings and I could listen to music, browsing through albums.

When I change the language to other than english (german, spanish, italian and of course french - I’m french !) the app crashes again.

So please, Sandisk guys, you have to fix the localized version of the iphone app. I guess it is not so hard.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the update. We will get this reported to the dev team. 

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I was optimistic when I saw a new version of the iphone app (2.7.4).

And very optimistic when I finally could access the settings page which was unavailable in the previous version.

But very disappointed to see the app crash again when accessing music.

As before, this happens only in the localized version. The english version works fine.

Please, fix it ! Your device is useless with an iphone in any language other than english. That’s quite a market, don’t you think ?

I will return the device to Amazon in the next 2 weeks if the problem is not solved but I sincerely hope it will be. Your product is good … when it works !

Thanks in advance for your efforts. Go, dev team !

Hi DenisBG,

We plan to include a fix for this issue in the next release planned for late February - early March.

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Thank you for your answer.

I really hope it will be solved quickly.