Ipod's Music and Videos not displaying on Sandisk App

Hello Everyone,

Just purchased a Sandisk Connect Wireless Media Drive 64GB for my nephew for Christmas.

Thought this would be a neat gift, and was hoping to get one for me and another family member.

However I’m kind of disappointed because I can’t troubleshoot a problem we’re having. Maybe I
misunderstood the product’s capabilities, but I was able to install app on his ipod touch and connect
it securely to media drive using wpa.

Started up the Sandisk app and was able to connect to and veiw sample files on media drive.

However when ipod is selected I can only veiw and upload photos to media drive, but when
I click on music or video folder it is empty. So my question is, should all files including music songs and videos

that are on his ipod display in app folders so he can upload his ipod music and videos to media drive.

Can someone please restore my nephew’s confidence with his uncle! :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

This is a limitation of iOS. iOS only gives third party apps access to the photo roll. If you have music or videos stored inside the iOS music or video apps the media drive app will not have access to them. You can connect the media drive to the computer using USB and copy the music and video to the media drive then the media drive app can stream them to an iOS device. 

Thanks drlucky,

I have been going crazy trying to figure this media drive out.
Aprreciate you solving my problem, and for your help!

Thanks again, and best of luck in the New Year!