IOS 8 Problems??

I’ve recently updated my iphone/ipad to IOS8 and now when I try to stream a movie it says “you are now leaving the media drive app” and then all I get is a blank screen with half a play button at the top of the screen. Anyone else had similiar problems or any ideas how to remedy this? Or could it be that it’s an app/IOS8 problem?

Are these DRM protected videos from iTunes? if so then the answer is yes, it seems there are some issues playing DRM content in iOS 8. From what I have read on other forums there are issues with several different products playing DRM content in iOS 8. 

Yes I’ve had the same problem 

seems like it may be a safari issue. hopefully it will be fixed in an update soon. 

Still having problems

As with most devices of this type, the accompanying software is woefully inadequate.  You would be doing yourself a big favor by using the app “nplayer” for streaming your movies.  It works very well with the WMD, and I can vouch for it working perfectly with iOS8, on day one, as it did with iOS7.  (Not affiliated, just a happy user.)

Yes, my WMD is now a paperweight when it comes to playing iTunes movies on my iPad. Why the silence from Sandisk? Very frustrating. I contacted them and used the online chat. He told me to do a full reset on my iPad and “if that doesn’t work, wait for our update”. Is he kidding? Setting my iPad back to the Stone Age and losing everything should not be an option. I just gave it a 1 star rating on Amazon due to the poor support.

yup same here I havent found anything in the way of a solution or an update even if you look on the site other than this forum sandisk hasn’t even mentioned it anywhere please tell me if you see anything.  if anything at least me responding to this inquiry will make other comfortable knowing its not just them.  the best we can do is hope for an update real soon.  it seems like there should be some sort of announcement somewhere of a software update

I updated my ipad to the latest iOS8 two days ago - media connect does not work anymore (worked flawlessly the latest iOS7)

my iphone and ipod are still using the latest  iOS7, and the media connect works like a charm like always.

Obvioulsy there is a problem with the sandisk app compatiblity with the new iOS8.

Hope that this gets solved fast.

The issue is actually a bug in Safari. This issue affects all devices in this class. The fix will have to come from apples side as the issue is playing DRM protected content in Safari. 

I spoke with the development team and it seems the issue is actually with Safari. The WMD/WFD apps do not actually do any DRM decryption. The DRM is decrypted in Safari. The files are being served to Safari correctly however Safari is not decrypting the DRM and therefore not playing. This issue currently affects all devices in this class. We have reported the issue to Apple and hope an update that will resolve the issue will be released soon. We do not have any timeline for when such an update will be released. 

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@travelinman wrote:
Yes, myWMD is now a paperweight when it comes to playingiTunes movies on myiPad. Why the silence fromSandisk? Very frustrating. I contacted them and used theonline chat. He told me to do a full reset on myiPad and “if that doesn’t work, wait for our update”. Is he kidding? Setting myiPad back to the Stone Age and losing everything should not be an option. I just gave it a 1 star rating on Amazon due to the poor support.

Resetting a device can be done a few different ways. Turing the iOS device completely off then back on is one way. This does not erase any content or settings. The second way is in settings. there is an option to reset all settings. Again this does not erase any content it just the settings. Then a third option to erase all content and settings. I highly doubt they suggested the latter. Either of the 2 other options is likely what they were referring to. 

Just updated to ios8.1 as well as updating the Sandisk update released today. The new Sandisk app says “I❤️ ios8”. Apparently a short love affair. It still won’t play iTunes movies.

One still cannot do anything with photos either.

Same here. Updated the sandisk app annnnnnnnd… nope. Still won’t play diddly.

P.S. Sandisk UK live support assistance - Is there actually anybody working there. I’ve been number 1 in the queue for 30 minutes.

this is posted on the sandisk knowledgebase 

Videos purchased or rented from iTunes will not play in iOS 8

The SanDisk Wireless Media Drive and Wireless Flash Drive support streaming of DRM protected iTunes purchased movie content to authorized devices in iOS 6 and iOS 7. The DRM protected content is opened in Safari where the DRM is decrypted and the video is played.

In iOS 8 Apple has not enabled Safari based DRM decryption. Therefore DRM protected content, i.e. purchased movies or TV shows from iTunes, cannot be streamed from the Media Drive/WFD in iOS 8. This issue has been reported to Apple. We do not have any estimated date when Safari will support  DRM decryption of iTunes purchased content.

Since IOS 8 impossible to read a video fom sandisk mediadrive on ipad

A new update of the application doesn’t resolve the problem


I down loaded the NPlayer App but can not figure out how to use it with my Wireless media player.  How did you set yours up?  When did you find directions/instructions for doing so?


To use nPlayer:  Once your iPad is connected to the WMD wifi, go into nPlayer, and select “Network” at the bottom of the screen.  Then, select FTP from all the options shown.  Tap the “+” on the upper right, and enter the URL and password for your WMD (url =  Also, type in a name for your WMD in the Title field.

Now (unless I’ve forgotten some detail) you should see your device in the FTP screen.  Each time you want to access it, you access it from here.

Several months on and the sales literature remains silent on this with no solution.i feel ripped off. Paid £80 to expand my 16GB iPad but can’t do what I need to. Misleading sales literature, mis-selling and poor service. They can’t blame Apple for their failure to keep in touch with their plans or for not having provided a workable alternative. I plan to advise the ASA and trading standards unless I get a solution in short order