Invalid License Key

I just bought a new SanDisk Ultra Flash Drive 16gb and when i tried to Activate the Rescuepro it says Invalid License Key - please check it!

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Where did you get the rescue app?  Where did you get the flash drive? 


I have similar problem. 

My Rescue Pro Deluxe serial number/key is not working. It starts with RPDLX-…

SanDisk flash drive is bought in Croatia. 

I have tried to contact SanDisk support team but they keep giving me instructions how to activate it and it is not working because obviously i need another key/serial. 

Any help?


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I suggest you return it to where you bought it and get another one.

i cannot do that but thanks anyway. 

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Too bad  The drive may be counterfeit so you don’t have a lot of options.

nahh not counterfit OR i got SAME PROBLEM with SAME thing i bought mine at walmart . which BTW DOES get counterfits . i got cellphone there once , would not let me activate i was told to take it back . then store tells me the #'s on phone dont march the box ??? like i was trying scam them on 30$ ■■■■ throw away phone or something. anyways i have same problem with tha SAME RPDLX at the start

Having the same issue with Invalid License Key: Error 1001 with 64GB microSD card purchased from Amazon is trying to resolve on my behalf… stand by for updates. btw, my key also begins with RPDLX. After 10 minutes of being on hold, my call was dropped. So… now what?

Hi, I have the same problem. I’ve bought SDXC Card, my keys begins with RPDLX and I cannot activate this program (because of Error 1001). Have you found a solution?

Ok, I found a solution. I downloaded the program directly from this site: SanDisk RescuePRO Offer - LC Technology
After that my code is valid.

Thanks, I downloaded the same file and activated my version software.

Not working for me at all. Stil error 100

It’s not working for me either. Not sure what to do