Invalid License Key

I just bought a new SanDisk Ultra Flash Drive 16gb and when i tried to Activate the Rescuepro it says Invalid License Key - please check it!

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Where did you get the rescue app?  Where did you get the flash drive? 


I have similar problem. 

My Rescue Pro Deluxe serial number/key is not working. It starts with RPDLX-…

SanDisk flash drive is bought in Croatia. 

I have tried to contact SanDisk support team but they keep giving me instructions how to activate it and it is not working because obviously i need another key/serial. 

Any help?


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I suggest you return it to where you bought it and get another one.

i cannot do that but thanks anyway. 

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Too bad  The drive may be counterfeit so you don’t have a lot of options.

nahh not counterfit OR i got SAME PROBLEM with SAME thing i bought mine at walmart . which BTW DOES get counterfits . i got cellphone there once , would not let me activate i was told to take it back . then store tells me the #'s on phone dont march the box ??? like i was trying scam them on 30$ crap throw away phone or something. anyways i have same problem with tha SAME RPDLX at the start