RescuePro serial number?

I received a RescuePro CD with my Sandisk Extreme III card. I need to recover some files from a disk and today is the first time I looked at the software, it asks for a serial number when I run it. There is no serial number in the mini CD or on the CD cover, nothing nowhere in sight. How on earth are we supposed to run this?

the serial number should be on the cd sleeve. If not you can contact sandisk. where did you purchase the card? a lot of fakes from china have the cd without the serial number. additionally sandisk has not shipped an actual cd for almost 2 years now they have moved to a slip with download instructions. 

Yeah that figures, there is nothing printed on the CD sleeve. I have about 10 cards I purchased over the years at either a retail store or Amazon, it’s hard to tell which one the CD was with. Oh well I will just cut my losses.

I received RescuePro with one of my SanDisk cards. I received the little CD which DID have the numbers on the back of the envelope that contained the CD. I tried to register for RescuePRO and it said the number was invalid.

Come on, people. I bought many of your cards. I cannot put that CD in my Mac Book PRO. Please help.

Thank you.

Julie Dueber

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SDHC Extreme Pro has been delivered to me few days ago. I received a Serial Number for Rescue Pro Deluxe on a paper stick, It shall be valid for 1-year subscription. However, if to visit the web of RP Dlx vendor it is not quite clear how to proceed in order to get soft downloaded and unlocked, means Deluxe without limitations. Just to download the demo, then install and finally unlock installed using received SN?