Interesting turn of events!

I am planning to get a 4GB Clip when they arrive. Currently have a 2GB. I also have a credit at BB for a Sansa e250 that died. Been wanting to spend it, but they just don’t have a player that I want. Will probably use my credit to get the 8GB Sony when they get them in. Anyway my 2GB Clip developed a vertical line thingie on the left side of the display, so I will be replacing it under the warranty & will probably wait for the 4GB clip & swap for that. In the mean time & since I won’t have to shell out the cash for the 4GB Clip I found a Toshiba T400 at Fry’s for $79.99 to satisfy my itch to get another player. I will spend this evening comparing the Clip & T400 sound quality. Now if only my replacement Shure earphones would get here soon! BTW I love the Clip. It is the perfect DAP for travel. I love the hard keys for all controls.

Obviously, you were meant to have the 4GB Clip! :slight_smile: