Anyone have this accessory Bundle???????

Or something similar. Is it any good??? Its from an ebay seller. I want to make sure it wont muck with my player.

I forgot to mention I have the 8gb verson of the player.

It likely should be ok.  Most important to check (not listed in the listing) on the electrical appliances if/when you get them:  that the electrical voltage is 5V (more could blow out your Clip); high amperage is fine (the Clip will just take what it needs).  Lots of accessories there–do you need them all?   ;)   You also can buy accessories “a la carte” on eBay if you don’t need that whole package.  (But if you need a lot of the items in the package, this could be a good deal.)

Yeah I can use about 4 of those items. I also bought my girlfriend a clip from walmarts deal on the 8gb. So I can give her the pink case.  The audio extension cable is about $8-10 alone if purchased in a store and the cases are a buck or two on amazon. I figure the price for all that is not bad.